Hi, I’m Tim Poulsen and yep, that's me to the left. Currently, I'm a Sr. Software Engineer for Tackle.io, a startup that helps companies leverage cloud marketplaces to deliver software and value to their customers. For about a year, I was the Engineering Manager leading the Core Platform team.

I was employee #1 at ACV Auctions, a startup in the automotive market. I was a primary inventor of their patented under-vehicle photo tool, "Virtual Lift." I created prototypes and research solutions for the CTO of Delaware North, a global hospitality business. I was lead trainer and software engineer for Appcelerator, publisher of the cross-platform mobile development framework, Titanium. I'm the author of dozens of training course manuals, articles, and books with extensive experience as a classroom and online trainer and presenter.

I am happily married with three beautiful children who keep me grounded in what really matters in life. I have more hobbies than I can count. I'm a mentor for a FIRST Robotics team, where I help the students with the programming, mechanical, and electrical aspects of building a robot. I build my own Christmas light displays using Arduinos and RGB LED pixels and Raspberry Pis and more. I’m restoring our 1890s-vintage Victorian home. I brew beer, some of which is actually drinkable. I'm an amateur astronomer and hope to one day take an astrophoto good enough to show to someone other than my wife. I'm a master at "Dad jokes" and bad puns, a skill my kids wish I didn't have.

Like so many folks, I regularly start blogging with the best intentions only to "fall off the wagon" and go dormant for months (years) at a time. Expect posts on this site to be irregular at best.